​Being an Entrepreneur is Lonely as HELL

ImaniLia is about Opulence, Glamour, Fun, being Unapologetically on Trend without even trying. ImaniLia is also about keeping it real (I mean we are from Harlem)!

95% of the time I start my day happy to go to work; because work is a few feet away doing something I picked and I ABSOLUTELY enjoy.

That 5% tho is a Doosey!! That 5% makes me think I want to just punch a clock and not care. That 5% makes you feel like you’re not good enough because you haven’t sold enough; Or because you don’t have enough capital to buy things you need. That 5% can make you fall into the throws of an anxiety & depression moment. I know because it has and does happen to me.

Next Month will make 1 full year of me TOTALLY working for myself.  I haven’t applied to other companies, there’s no Unemployment, there’s just me and my husband and as thankful as I am for his unwavering support it’s not easy and sometimes I just want easy. I mean... Don’t we all?

Along with running this FAB company I’m also a co-founder of a Nonprofit Organization, a Grad School Student (barely I think), an expectant Mom, a Wife, and a million tiny other things. I am WOMAN! Being an entrepreneur means organizing your own schedule and managing your life even more than you would with a standard 9-5. With this company alone I manage 3 email accounts, online orders, private clients, outdoor festivals, etc.

In the past year I have brought on 2 consultants & 2 interns which is helpful but only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what I need.  When working for yourself with very limited capital you have to be very strategical what you spend your money on. Sometimes what you need is not what you need right now (I promise I’m not your Mom).

All in all though I’d like to say I’m thankful! I M most thankful for you. For the readers, for the buyers, for the people who send words of encouragement in times of need. Without you there is no me. The point of this post was to state that as an entrepreneur no matter how many consultants you have, no matter how supportive your partner is, no matter how many friends you have it’s YOUR business. You have to plan peoples days(including yours), you have to create tasks and put systems in place... Especially when you have no capital. Life management should for sure be a college course.